Amazon Spring Break Basics

Who else is beyond ready for spring break?? It’s been extra chilly in Alabama lately, so I’m very excited to be heading to Hilton Head Island, SC next week for spring break! I’ve been so busy with classes that I haven’t had time for much warm-weather shopping, so I turned to Amazon for some last-minute items. I found some great items for amazing prices, so I thought I’d share them with y’all in case you’ve waited till the last minute like me!

Amazon Spring Break Basics.jpg

  1. Bright Pink Pullover Sweatshirt– I picked up this $16 sweatshirt to throw on over a swimsuit or a tank top when the temperatures drop in the evening! It has great reviews and tons of colors, too.
  2. Blush Silk Tank– I have an obsession with pale pink silk, so I had to grab this $16 silk tank to wear with shorts or under a sweater! Silk tanks are such a versatile piece, so they’re a great addition to any closet.
  3. Navy Dot Dress– I bought this dress in white last summer, and it quickly became one of my faves. I had already been planning to pick up another color, so when I saw this patterned navy I knew I’d found the one! It’s very flowy and comfortable, easy to dress up or down, and looks cute with sandals, heels, or sneakers!
  4. Denim Shorts– I struggle so much with finding cute denim shorts that don’t look *ahem* scandalous. These were inexpensive and have great reviews, so I’m hoping for the best!
  5. Polarized Sunnies– I’m pretty sure these vintage-inspired sunnies are Cartier knock-offs, and while I’m not a huge fan of knock-off items, the reviews and good price on these convinced me to try them out. I’ll keep y’all updated!
  6. Dry Balance SPF 50– Spring break isn’t complete without a bottle of sunscreen! I burn super easily so I always go for SPF 50. My all-time favorite is the Coppertone Clearly Sheer spray, but I think it’s been discontinued so I picked up this Banana Boat one instead.
  7. Hydroflask– I got this from Amazon a few months ago, but it’s been glued to my body ever since. I seriously never go anywhere without it, so I’ll definitely be bringing it on my trip! I have the white, but the new 2019 colors are so cute that I’m eyeing up another one!

I hope this helps all you last-minute shoppers! Let me know where you’re headed for spring break!

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