Wedding Planning Diaries No. 1: When and Where

As you may have read in my latest post, I’m getting married!! Now, I won’t lie; planning a wedding during a global pandemic has been tricky. There is so much uncertainty in the world that it feels strange to be making huge (and expensive) decisions. At first, I avoided booking anything at all. I heard horror stories of florists and photographers closing up shop last-minute… and taking brides’ deposits with them. I wanted to get a good read on who would make it through this season, so I started out slow.

Our first order of business, pandemic or not, was to pick a date. I’ve always known I wanted a late May/early June wedding, because that’s the height of peony season! The entire day will be centered around my favorite flowers, and I wanted to make sure we had plenty of them. We settled on May to avoid the stifling Southern heat as much as possible.

The next big decision was where to wed. Chase is from West Virginia, and, as you probably know, I’m from Texas. To complicate things even further, we just recently moved to northern Alabama for Chase’s job. Alabama holds a special place in our hearts since it’s the place we met and now call home, so we decided to get married somewhere in Alabama. And so began my search for the perfect venue!

I’ve always had a clear image of my wedding day, but the venue has always been a big question mark. I love the idea of a church wedding, but then how do guests get to the reception? Outdoor ceremonies are gorgeous, but Alabama weather is so unpredictable. My vision for my big day is classic, clean, bright, and airy. I decided to focus on those aspects to choose a venue, and that made the process so much easier! I’m going to be sneaky and keep our venue a secret for now, but we are so in love!

My best advice when choosing when and where to get married is to talk with your significant other. Although Chase hasn’t been dreaming of his wedding day for quite as long as I have (lol), I want him to be a part of the entire planning process. I was stressing over the details and trying to please everyone, but after sitting down and talking with him about it, everything seemed so easy! We chose a date and location that we both love and that will work for both our families, which took away so much stress.

I’m so excited to share more about my planning process and the inspiration for our big day, but I’ll save it for future posts!



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