Hi lovelies! I’m Ashley, a small town southern girl with a love for Jesus, preppy attire and makeup. My makeup journey began when I was 13 and my mom first allowed me to wear minimal makeup to school. Back then, I thought eyeliner was optional and pastel blue eyeshadow was a must on a daily basis. Yikes. Once I got to high school, I realized I needed an intervention, so I sat down with my laptop and headed to YouTube. In the past few years, I’ve watched thousands of videos, tried hundreds of looks, and used up my whole family’s data plan in the process (oops). Now my daily makeup routine includes lots of warm tones, a little under-eye bake, and excessive amounts of highlighter.

My quest for beauty advice didn’t stop at makeup, though, and I’ve learned a lot about skin care as well. I have extreme combination skin that is very fair, sensitive, and prone to redness, and I’m always looking for products that make a difference. Even though I’m a teenager, I use a lot of anti-aging products, because I believe you can never start too young! I believe in sunscreen every day (mostly because I’m pale) and using as few products as possible. I also like to keep my skincare natural and include very few chemicals.

Another thing I’m passionate about is self-image. I’ve struggled with self-worth issues for as long as I can remember, and I know a big problem for us girls is feeling insufficient. I’m here to tell you that you’re beautiful, whoever you are, inside and out, and God created you in His own perfect image. If you ask me, that’s pretty amazing! No matter your age, skin color, weight, religion, sexuality; you are beautiful and you are loved. I’m always happy to answer questions or just be someone to talk to, and I want everyone who reads my blog to leave feeling just a little happier. Don’t hesitate to email me or comment on a post if you have questions about anything. If you’re looking for fun makeup looks, skincare that really works, and a whole lot of Southern sass, check out my posts!

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