My Favorite YouTubers

Hi friends! Today I wanted to share a post answering a question that I get all the time: Who are my favorite YouTubers? Now let me start by saying I spend a LOT of time on YouTube. It’s a little worrisome, if I’m being honest. But YouTube holds a special place in my heart because it’s where I discovered my passion for makeup. I learned everything I know from beauty gurus, and they continue to inspire me and teach me new things. So here’s a list of my favorite creators, along with an explanation of each one. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 5.07.22 AM

Jaclyn Hill: Jaclyn is my go-to, ride or die girl. She was one of the very first gurus I subscribed to, and she basically taught me everything I know. Whenever I need inspiration, I know I can go to her channel. I also highly recommend Jaclyn’s videos to any beginners in makeup because she’s an incredible teacher and creates looks that anyone can accomplish with a little practice. She’s also absolutely hilarious and super entertaining to watch!

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 5.07.48 AM

Tati Westbrook: I religiously watch Tati’s videos every weekday. That’s right.. she posts 5 days a week! I am constantly impressed by the quality of the content she creates and the amount of work she puts into her videos. She also gives amazing, thorough reviews of all the newest products so her subscribers know what is worth their money. She has a quirky personality, and I love watching her and her husband, James, interact. They’re hilarious!

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 5.08.10 AM

Shaaanxo: Shannon is one my current favorite creator because of her laid-back personality, fun and unique looks, and her blunt honesty about products. I know I can always trust Shannon’s opinion, and more than a few of my purchases have been influenced by her. I also adore her cosmetic line, especially her liquid lipsticks, lip liners, and false eyelashes.

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 5.08.27 AM

MannyMua: I’ll be honest.. Manny isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but once you get used to his candid sense of humor, I promise you will fall in love. I love that he is unapologetically himself on a platform that tends to attack anyone and everyone. He doesn’t pull any punches, whether it be about drama, his channel, or his reviews. He also does bomb, easy to follow tutorials that are wearable for boys and girls.

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 5.08.45 AM

Jeffree Star: YouTube isn’t Jeffree’s only claim-to-fame; in fact, he was a successful pop singer a few years back and now also has his own cosmetic line that he runs along with making his videos. Jeffree’s tutorials are for when you’re feeling a little more daring with color, and his luxury reviews give you a taste of what it’s like to be able to spend $300 on one bottle of foundation.

screen-shot-2018-05-25-at-5-09-15-am-e1527243716438.pngScreen Shot 2018-05-25 at 5.09.31 AM

Desi Perkins and LustreLux: First of all, Desi and Katy are best friend goals. I put them together on this because they’re two sides of the same coin. They have very similar styles and approaches to makeup, as well as similar personalities, but trust me, it’s worth watching both of them. They upload awesome tutorials on wearable but unique looks, and their slang terms will have you rolling with laughter.

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Amanda Ensing: Whenever I need a good night-out look, I head for Amanda’s channel. She does tutorials on the most beautiful blown-out smokey eyes, dewy skin, and full brows. I also really enjoy her tutorials because she and I have a similar face and eye shape, which makes it easy for me to recreate her looks.

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RachhLoves: Rachel is who I’m tryna be in 10 years. She has the cutest little family, and she always talks about her life as a mom on her channel. She also has gorgeous skin, tons of energy, and isn’t afraid to rock a bright lip. Rachel is the most relatable of every creator on this list in the sense that you don’t feel like any of her videos are staged or over-edited. There’s definitely room for both, but it’s refreshing to watch a regular mom put on drugstore makeup and laugh about how she broke a lamp while dancing with her kids (true story).

This isn’t a complete list of everyone I subscribe to, but these are definitely my favorites. Be sure to go check them out and let me know who your favorite YouTubers are!



My New Favorite Swimsuit






swimsuit | sunglasses

YOU GUYS. I’ve done it. I’ve found the swimmy to end all swimmies. This. is. not. a. drill. And before you roll your eyes, let me explain myself.

I hate swimsuit shopping more than I hate anything else on this planet. I have approximately 3 swimsuits that fit me properly and that I think can sort of pass as cute. Never have I found a swimsuit that I actually love.

I’m not a huge fan of bikinis because I prefer to be a little more covered-up (No shade to you ladies who can rock a bikini, just a personal thang). I like one-pieces, but I have a very long torso, so most of them look downright scandalous on me. It doesn’t help that I also have a flat chest and a wide booty, so most of the suits I try on result in weird gapping, riding up, and/or awkward tightness.

TMI I know, but stay with me! Surely I can’t be the only one who has these problems?! I feel like swimsuits are just tough for everyone, no matter what size or shape you are.

But have no fear! The search is over! I have discovered the cutest, most flattering, best-fitting, trendiest swimwear out there! Behold: Albion Fit!

I’ve had my eye on this brand for about a year now, but I just wasn’t willing to pull the trigger on the $100+ price tag. Finally, I ordered the Island Fever one-piece for my recent trip to Gulf Shores, and now there’s no turning back. This suit is worth every penny and will last summer after summer!



(P.S. In case you were wondering, no, I was not sponsored by Albion Fit for this post. All opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way. As much as I would love to be sponsored, I am a baby blogger, after all!)

Madewell Sale Round-Up


double sale!.png

(items linked from left to right)

central shirt | ruffle sleeve tank topstriped ruffle-sleeve dresspackable mesa straw hat |boardwalk crossover sandal | silk skinny bandana | pink fleur bow-back dress | studio ruffle-hem top | cali demi-boot jeans

One of my favorite brands, Madewell, is having an awesome sale right now, so I thought I’d put together my favorites for y’all! The sale is 20% off any purchase or 30% off $200+ in stores and online. They rarely put things on sale like this, so I suggest you run out and grab your favorites before it ends on April 9th! Let me know which items you’re eyeing and which ones you’d like to see me style!



Off the Shoulder Gingham Dress for Spring






DRESS smocked off the shoulder dress | SHOES block heel sandal | EARRINGS emmett drop earrings | BAG west 57th square crossbody (henri bendel last season, similar linked) | FLOWERS bloom flower truck tuscaloosa

Spring has officially begun, and I am so excited! Yesterday, I visited the cutest flower truck in downtown Tuscaloosa, so of course I had to have a photo shoot for the blog!

I have been dying to wear this adorable gingham dress, and I thought this was the perfect occasion. It’s so comfortable and so dang flattering with ruffled bell sleeves and an off the shoulder cut. I’ve been so into gingham lately.. I just can’t get enough! I paired it with my go-to nude heels and my new favorite Kendra Scott earrings.

This particular dress is unfortunately only available in a couple sizes, so I linked a few similar options here, here, and here. I’m so excited for all the fun spring trends, and I can’t wait to share them with y’all!




5 Fall Runway Trends Made Wearable

If you’re anything like me, you probably drool over the high-fashion photos of Gigi and Kendall walking the runway draped in Balmain and Versace. What I wouldn’t give to stroll into my 11am economics class wearing sky-high heels, head-to-toe metallic, and gold glitter up to my eyebrows without everyone staring at me like I have three heads. Alas, I suppose I’ll settle for my favorite pair of skinnies and a more subtle take on the fall makeup trends. Keep reading to see how I turn these daring trends into everyday looks to make the crosswalk feel like the catwalk. Continue reading

Sorority Recruitment Makeup 101

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 8.11.42 PMWhile going through the largest sorority recruitment in the nation last year as a PNM, I learned a few things about makeup (and life in general, but that’s a story for another day). Now I’m about to go through rush on the other side, and I thought I’d share some of the products and tips that saved my life last year and that I plan to use this year. Whether you’re a PNM or an Active, it’s essential to look your best all day through whatever weather and/or emotions may come your way. Here’s a full face of long-wearing, budge-proof makeup that will last through 100 degree weather, 98% humidity, and a good cry sesh (trust me it happens). Continue reading

finding joy in the little things

just over a month ago, i told y’all that i’d be taking a break from social media. for one whole month (except for one day to post for a friend’s birthday) i deleted all social media apps from my phone and avoided scrolling, liking, and posting. i expected this to be a life-changing, earth-shattering event. i expected to end the month as a newer and freer person, one with no desire whatsoever to post anything again. i expected all my insecurities and fears to miraculously disappear. imagine my surprise when i ended the month feeling exactly the same as i had before. imagine my disappointment when i realized i was still anxious and insecure and feeling inadequate. Continue reading

rose-colored glasses

today i’d like to add yet another dimension to this blog (i know i know, just make up your mind already). but seriously, this has been weighing heavily on my heart and i felt the need to share. i’ve debated posting this for fear of it being misunderstood and taken the wrong way by the people around me. i’d like to offer this not as a criticism, but as an apology for failing to see how beautiful each of you truly are.  Continue reading